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Emergency Dentistry

It’s just a fact of life that accidents happen, and sometimes those accidents involve your teeth and/or gums. Perhaps you just have a toothache that is so bad it keeps you from eating and sleeping. Perhaps you have fallen off a ladder and chipped or broken a tooth. If this has happened to you, you need the help of an emergency dentist.

Emergency dentists are considered specialists who can help you at 2PM or 2AM. If your local dentist does not offer these services, you need to find someone who does.

When Emergency Dentists Are Needed

Different people have differing thresholds of pain. But if you have a toothache that has persisted for a number of days, it is time to get dental help. This pain could be because of tooth decay, or a dental abscess. Emergency dentists can help by ending the pain and preventing the condition from becoming worse.

If you have a chipped or broken tooth, the sooner you can get help, the better. The sooner you can see a dentist, the better your chances of restoring or keeping that tooth. If your tooth has been knocked out, you can increase the odds of being able to keep the tooth by keeping the fallen or knocked out tooth in a glass of milk and bringing it with you when you visit the dentist, within 30 minutes is best.

If you have suffered the loss of a crown or a filling, you can bridge the gap in a resourceful way by using a piece of sugarless gum and making an appointment to see an emergency dentist as soon as possible.

For Now And Later

Many people are known to put off a visit to an emergency dentist out of a sense of embarrassment. This is something you should never do. An emergency dentist has seen it all, and is not there to pass judgment on you. Don’t wait until the dental problem has become so painful that an emergency dentist is the only viable option.

Emergency dentists are known for being kind, and will work hard to make sure you are pain-free and restore your dental health. They will put you at ease during the appointment, and work hard to get you back to sound dental health. The worst thing you can do is ignore a dental problem and hope that it goes away on its own. In most all cases, it will only get worse, and that can lessen your treatment options, and can even lead to you losing a tooth.

If you do not currently have an emergency dentist for you and your family, you need to find one before an emergency takes place. If you have kids, you know it is only a matter of time before an emergency happens. So, in preparation for those moments, find a reliable and caring emergency dentist today that you can call on when you need them. Fortunately, for you help is right here in the form of Leesburg Family Dental. Please feel free to call us at (571) 577-8457 for an appointment or more details.

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