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Durable Dental Fillings

in Leesburg, VA

When tooth decay develops in one or more teeth, it will need to be replaced with a dental filling. Leesburg Family Dental offers both composite and amalgam, or tooth-colored and silver, dental fillings. To learn more about our treatment options or to schedule your next appointment with our team, please get in touch with our friendly front office team via phone or through our virtual contact form.

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The Dental Filling Process

Appointments for dental fillings take approximately one hour from start to finish. The teeth and gums will need to be numbed, which requires a local anesthetic to be injected into the gums near the tooth that is being treated. Then, a small drill is used to remove the tooth decay, and the filling is placed carefully so that the tooth looks good and functions properly. Our office offers both tooth-colored and silver fillings, which offer different benefits depending on where the tooth is located in the mouth and what the patient prefers.

Should I get a filling or a crown?

Fillings and dental crowns are both used to restore and protect teeth that have been affected by tooth decay. However, fillings are generally preferred for teeth that haven’t been greatly affected by tooth decay, as they are less invasive. Dental crowns require the tooth to be reshaped before they can be placed, and they cover the tooth completely. Fillings are used to fill in small spaces where cavities used to be. Our team offers both treatments options, and we can work with you to determine which treatment will work best for your smile.

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What happens if I don’t get a filling?

If tooth decay is left untreated, it will likely spread and become worse. Once tooth decay develops, it cannot be cured or reversed, so a filling is usually the best option. It’s important to visit the dentist for routine dental appointments to ensure that any cavities that develop are taken care of as soon as possible. If tooth decay is left alone for too long, a dental crown or a root canal treatment may become necessary. If you need to schedule your next routine visit or dental filling treatment, please get in touch with our office for assistance.

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