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Root Canal

Take some of the stress out of your visit with gentle care from our root canal dentist in Leesburg, Virginia. When you come to Leesburg Family Dental, you receive root canal and endodontic therapy with as little pain as possible. At Avatar Dental Care, we are dedicated to helping you feel comfortable while in our office.

Because they are the most notorious procedure in dentistry, root canals often make patients nervous. However, this common procedure has come a long way. An infected tooth is usually the result of an issue with the nerves in the root. When they become infected, they must be removed. Untreated infections can turn into a much more serious problem. In fact, the formation of an abscess includes bone loss in the jaw.

Facts about Root Canal Therapy

Don’t let a dentist’s recommendation for root canal therapy cause you undue stress. At the start of the procedure, our dentist numbs the area around your tooth with a local anesthetic. An opening into the canal is then created by drilling down into the tooth. After the infection is removed, the space is sealed with a product called gutta-percha. When the procedure is complete, you can improve the appearance of your tooth and increase your chances of a successful root canal by being fitted with a dental crown.

Benefits of Endodontic Therapy

Endodontic therapy deals with the nerves in your teeth. While many people are scared of getting a root canal, it is one of the most common endodontic procedures. Leesburg Family Dental uses the proper techniques and pain medication to ensure that your procedure is completed with little or no pain. We also offer sedation dentistry if you have dental anxiety or fear.

While soreness after your root canal is common, over-the-counter medication is often sufficient to manage pain. However, your dentist is also able to prescribe a stronger painkiller if necessary. With the infection and its resulting pain gone, you are able to enjoy hot, cold, or crunchy food again. Turn to our Avatar Dental Care when you are experiencing tooth pain!

Contact Leesburg Family Dental today to get relief from tooth pain. Our practice offers root canal therapy for patients in Leesburg, Ashburn, Purcellville, Lansdowne, Lucketts, Lovettsville, Sterling, and Round Hill.

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