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Root Canal Therapy

in Leesburg, VA

While root canals may seem intimidating, you actually have nothing to fear. Root canal therapy is a common procedure that can save a natural tooth and promote great overall oral health. Our skilled team is dedicated to performing stress-free root canal procedures!

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Root Canal Therapy 101

If you have a severely damaged or infected tooth, root canal therapy can alleviate tooth pain and preserve your natural tooth. During a root canal procedure, we make a small entry point in the crown of the tooth. Through this opening, we remove the pulp from inside the root canal of the tooth and disinfect the area. Then, we use a material called gutta percha to fill in the space where the pulp once was. Depending on your needs, we may place a dental crown over your tooth, after the root canal, for additional protection.

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Root Canal Therapy FAQs

Is a root canal considered surgery?

Root canal therapy is a non-surgical dental procedure. You can think of root canal treatment as a deep filling, even though it is a more in-depth process. We don’t make any incisions to your mouth or your gum line during a root canal.

What do I need to do after a root canal?

After your root canal is complete, we’ll provide you with a detailed set of aftercare instructions to ensure that you have all of the information you need to have a speedy recovery process. Most patients report feeling instant pain relief after their root canals and can return to their normal lives the same day.

Can you be sedated during a root canal?

Yes. We offer sedation dentistry at our office. We offer a few types including oral conscious sedation, general anesthesia, and DentalVibe. During your consultation, we’ll discuss our sedation options and see if sedation is the right option for you!